Through our partnership with Gallagher Affinity, we have been created exciting members exclusive benefits like Office Max/Office Depot and Constant Contact. We are excited to add another membership benefit to this partnership.  AIHP is proud of being partnered with eHealth to provide exclusive discounts on your health insurance needs!

Small business health plans with custom quotes are available at the click of a button. Plus, eHealth makes individual insurance plans available to help cover expenses in the case of serious medical emergencies and to stay on top of preventative care. With over 10,000 plans from over 180 companies, you aren’t likely to find a bigger selection of health insurance programs online anywhere in the United States.

eHealth is committed to finding AIHP members and their businesses the right health insurance plan to fit their specific needs and budget. Visit us today or call 1-844-583-6200 to access free quotes or to explore options with a licensed agent!

As we all know health care is a challenging arena to navigate and finding affordable offerings for our small business members is not easy.  It is our hope that with eHealth we can continue to build industry participation in the health care offerings so that as an association we can grow our pool of participating independent properties, which will allow us to leverage our options.   


"Thank you for all the board and staff have accomplished this year, particularly, the eHealth partnership. Dave and I hired a General Manager in 2019. Our top candidate required health insurance. Since Dave and I switched to a company policy through eHealth at the end of 2018, we were able to add our new General Manager to the policy as a third employee. We could not have offered insurance to a GM candidate a year ago, as we used a personal plan. Thank you for all the work it took to finalize the partnership with eHealth. This partnership is a golden handcuff that will keep us, members of AIHP, indefinitely!"

Heidi and Dave Lanford

Owners, Iris Inn & Cabins - Waynesboro, Virginia