With the resources and knowledge of AIHP, you will be prepared for your best year ever.

Rather than skimming through unhelpful articles or outdated how-to guides, cross over into 2018 with the innkeeping expertise that only the 2018 AIHP Knowledge Sharing Summit & Marketplace can provide! Read below for some tips and ideas, and to find out which Summit workshops can propel your inn into its best year yet.

1. Review Your Marketing Strategy
The more successful your marketing campaigns, the more sustainability and growth you can bring to your business. Are you hoping to offer an elopement or wedding package this year? How can you use social media to inform your guests and bring awareness of your venue? The AIHP Summit offers a number of informative and relevant workshops, such as Ten Steps to a Successful Digital Marketing Plan, Understanding X-Ray Analytics, and What’s Next for Marketing, that will teach you and your staff about new and exciting opportunities for marketing and increasing profitability!

2. Property Management
With the variety of structures that house our unique lodging properties, the maintenance can be diverse. Have you considered the ways that property management is holding you back? Form a specific monthly budget for everything that requires constant maintenance. If you’d prefer to learn how to make your own repairs, Maintaining This Old House is a Summit workshop that will provide you with tips and techniques for cost-saving preventative maintenance and troubleshooting common structural problems.
“Going Green” is an excellent way to spotlight your inn or bed & breakfast in an eco-friendly area, and may be the secret to saving your establishment extra time and money! Asking if guests would mind reusing their towel rather than opting for a new one each day, or providing a number of bathroom amenities in bulk bottles, rather than many smaller, disposable bottles, can help save the environment and your budget. If you or your guests prefer the individually-sized bottles of soaps, provide a recycling bin for guilt-free garbage. For your lawn, consider saving leftover kitchen waste and lawn trimmings for a compost pile to create your own rich fertilizer for springtime landscaping!

3. Finding a Work/Life Balance
After marketing your inn and guest packages, building budgets, and managing your property, it can feel like there’s no time to smell the freshly-landscaped roses! Make 2018 the year of not only your establishment’s success, but your own peace of mind. Finding an innkeeper community is a fantastic way to mentor or be mentored by other business owners, make new industry friends, and form connections that will last for years to come. There’s no better way to meet others in the industry than by attending the 2018 AIHP Knowledge Sharing Summit & Marketplace. This event will be the biggest gathering of innkeepers and bed and breakfast owners in the nation. You can’t afford to miss the wealth of information, one-on-one interaction, and massive marketplace for all of your hospitality needs! While there, check out Running Your Business so it Won’t Run You, a workshop that will help you to organize and plan your daily routine, manage the details of your operation, and learn many new practices that will provide you with the time and resources in 2018 to sit back, enjoy a fresh cup o’ Joe, and finally smell those roses.

Click here to reserve your spot at the 2018 Knowledge Sharing Summit & Marketplace today! Don’t miss your chance to receive the tax deduction before the end of the year and to soar into the New Year with an unbeatable strategic plan. Follow AIHP on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for ongoing updates and informative tips for your business.