Understanding TripAdvisor's New Algorithm Changes


Many may know about TripAdvisor's new algorithm changes that kicked into action on Tuesday, March 13th. These changes combine and display all accommodation options in single 'Places to Stay' destination searches, including Hotels, Inns, Bed & Breakfasts, Cottages, Vacation Rentals, and other Specialty Lodgings. According to TripAdvisor, these changes "account for and better measure the consistency of a business's performance over time," and ensures that all properties, large and small, will have the same opportunities for exposure on the website. We are cautiously optimistic that this is favorable news for the Independent Hospitality Industry, and we at AIHP are hoping these changes will increase bookings and ratings for our member properties. Read below to find out how best to take advantage of these new TripAdvisor algorithm updates. 

   1. Review and Update Your Property's Page

It's important to review your property's TripAdvisor page to ensure that all of the amenities and unique experiences you presently offer are listed and "checked." Now that your Inn or B&B will show up in all relevant searches within your area, this is the best way to ensure that guests' filtered searches are able to find and book a stay at your property. Do you offer Wifi, gluten-free options, or in-room massage services? Let them know! Listing these and other services you offer will position your property for the optimal search results. While updating your profile, take the opportunity to update your property's profile photo for a more fresh, springtime look.

   2. Highlight Your Unique Offerings

In your property's description, be sure to describe everything that your Inn or B&B offers that the major Hotels don't! Make note of your unique offerings, such as pet-friendly amenities or the scenic and quiet environment. Add photos of your relaxing and private outdoor seating options and the cozy dining area, and make sure to show off your beautiful and comfortable decor. Let your guests know that no corporate Hotel will match your personal design touch!

   3. Appeal to the Business Traveler

Since Inns, Bed & Breakfasts, and Specialty Lodgings are now being displayed in search results with large Hotels, it's also time to start pointing your arrow towards the business traveler. Show off your property's workspaces and desks - and don't just pull that old computer chair out of the attic! Seating can be a strong selling point for your future business guests. Curate sleek and comfortable spaces for quiet work and study, such as in an available sitting room or in the guest's rooms, and include updated photos on your TripAdvisor page. You may also want to consider extending your check-in hours for those traveling at odd hours. This can also include a self check-in and out procedure upon request. Providing an early morning "grab-and-go" or a pre-ordered "breakfast-to-go" will appeal to the business traveler who has an early departure.

We appreciate the feedback we have received and are working on scheduling a webinar with TripAdvisor so that their key staff can answer questions from you, our members, on exactly what these changes mean and what you can expect.  Also, as you know, we had to postpone our in-person meeting with TripAdvisor due to Winter Storm Skyler, but we are working diligently on getting that rescheduled so stay tuned for more details.


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